Tiki the Westie stars in phographer Edward M. Fielding’s new book “the Quoatable Westie” which is now available on Amazon.

From the publisher:

Tiki the Westie stars as photographer 
Edward M. Fielding’s inspirational muse 
for this series of dog photographs. Tiki 
takes on multiple personas including old 
Broadway actors, Aladdin as in One 
Thousand and One Nights and Jack 
Nicholson in The Last Detail. 

Accompanying quotes from writers, 
comedians and other notable humans 
round out the photographs and includes 
this tongue in cheek gem from Jerry 

“People who dress up their pets to look 
like Little Lord Fauntleroys or cowboys, 
clowns, ballerinas. As if it’s not enough 
just to be a dog or cat or turtle.” 

Tiki does indeed appear as a clown, Little 
Lord Fauntleroy and a balleriana but 
Fielding and Tiki seem to know that its 
enough just to be a dog but they obviously 
have a lot of fun together dreaming up new 
characters to play.