“Fiction, 2014” by Edward M. Fielding

My black and white composite piece “Fiction” is my interpretation of an author suffering from “writer’s block”. Something just isn’t going right for this poor fellow.

Certainly we’ll all had experiences when the creativity doesn’t flow when we want it too. I usually solve mine with a walk of the dog, a hot shower, flipping through magazines or watching a movie. Probably most of my good ideas come from the relaxing hot water in the shower.

When I first got back in to photography after a long absence while raising my young son, I like most people I suppose, was challenged to find subjects to photograph. Flowers, the dog, my immediate surroundings, these were the obvious choices.

I wasn’t until a bit later in my photography journey that I started to see stories and started to create more of a cinematic approach to my work. This just open up endless possibilities to the point where now I rarely have “writer’s block”.

I typically have several ideas for photographs in my mind just waiting for the right prop to come in from Ebay or the right weather conditions, the right time or simply the willing model.

My new Visual Poetry series has opened up new creative possibilities because often the elements needed to create these mufti-layered images have already been shot and are sitting on my hard drive. Its just a matter of remembering, finding and piecing together the elements of the puzzle that becomes the final image.