Displaying Fine Art Photography in the Modern Home



Nothing says hip and modern like fine art photography.  Ever notice what TV and movie set designers tend to pick to hang on the walls of the characters houses, offices and apartments?  Watch closely next time you watch your favorite TV show, it almost always fine art, black and white photography.  Why?  In my opinion its because the black and white doesn’t compete with the other colors on the set and because photography is considered a modern and contemporary art form.

Now the problem with most art buyers is that they tend to buy artwork that is too small.  This leads to hanging several undersized artworks for the wall and the overall effect is clutter.   For a look that’s clean and makes a big impact, go large – very large!

Follow this link for more wall hanging and decorating ideas with fine art photography.



Artwork shown: Daffodil Narcissus Flower Black And White by Edward M. Fielding http://fineartamerica.com/featured/daffodil-narcissus-flower-black-and-white-edward-fielding.html


Poster for PhotoReel Photography Exhibit


Poster for PhotoReel Photography Exhibit

I have four photographs in this art show at the Whitney Center for the Arts in Pittsfield,MA coming up in March 2014. If you are any where near Western MA, come check it out.

The four images are part of my ongoing series on local maple sugaring production in New England.

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