Carlton Cards Releases Tiki Halloween Card


If you’ve been looking for a Halloween card at Target this scare season, chances are you’ve spotted the “Halloween’s Here! Hope your celebration’s terrier-ific!” card featuring a West Highlands White Terrier in a clown costume on the front.


That’s my “Tiki” the wonderful westie super dog model.  Tiki has been modeling for me since he was a little pup and loves posing with studio lights.  He has come to know the pop, pop of the flash as “here comes a doggie biscuit”.

Tiki has starred in several well know images such as “Pho Dog Grapher”:

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As well as “Veteran Vaudeville Stage Actor”:

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“I hate Mondays”

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And the very popular “Wash Day” which as appeared on the cover of a regional pet magazine in Florida.

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A collection of the best of Tiki and photographer Edward M. Fielding’s collaborations have been compiled in the book “The Quotable Westie” which is available on at –


What’s the secret to getting your dog to pose for you?  Early training is the key as well as treats, repetition and lots of patience.  One method uses a clicker.  When the dog does what you want, click the clicker.  As dog whisperer Cesar says –

There are many different techniques for teaching basic commands like “sit.” Some of the trainers I know and respect use what is called “clicker” training, where they make a “click” sound to acknowledge that the dog has done the behavior desired. And then they give the reward. The dog begins to associate the sound with a treat, and when they do something that gets a “click,” they want to keep doing it over and over again. Think about it as though the clicker is a camera, and you’re “capturing” a wanted behavior.


My next camera purchase?


Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Silver)

In a previous post about cameras to really learn photography with – I talked about the virtues of Fujifilm’s retro styled but high tech nod to the classic rangefinder camera’s of old.  This line of cameras feature the sweet spot of 35mm lens equivalent and classic easy to read dials for seeing setting at a glance without having to scroll through menus.  Great optics and large sensors mean even professionals can get excited about these compact gems.

Well the version that is getting me excited comes at the end of next month.  November 30th is the drop date for the Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Silver)
.  With classic retro good looks and a killer set of features, I think this just might be the camera I take to Italy next summer.  I love idea of shooting freely with a mighty little camera unencumbered by a big bag of lens and other crap that might just attract too much attention from the pick pockets.

What gets me so excited about this little camera?  Well for one I just love the concept.  Getting back to simple controls so one can truly be creative without wasting a lot of time flipping through menus.

The large sensor (16 megapixels) means I’ll have nice big files for printing huge images for my fine art portfolio.

The 23mm lens married with the APS-C 16.3MP X-Trans CMOS II Sensor w/ EXR Processor II (same as in crop sensor DSLRs) will give me the equivalent of a 35mm lens on my Canon 6D full frame, which is my “go to” focal length.  35mm is just the perfect focal length of the story telling kind of photography I like to do for the book cover market.

My last professional compact camera was the Panasonic Lumix LX-5 which has a couple of major drawbacks.  A smaller 10 megapixels, dials that move all over the place in your pocket and no viewfinder.  Lack of a view finder (you can buy one for an additional $140 or so) drives me crazy and makes me think I’m shooting with a cell phone.

The new Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Silver)
also features a new Electronic Shutter up to 1/32000 seconds – the world’s fastest settable camera, new Classic Chrome Mode which expands Film Simulation Modes to 11 modes and full HD Movies – 60fps, 50fps, 30fps, 25fps, 24pfs with exposure adjustment.

It also features some cool things like a

  • ISO up to ISO 51,200.
  • Program mode exposes as long as 4 seconds
  • Seven customizable Fn buttons
  • Aperture can be set in third-stops directly at the aperture ring
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • 3″ screen.

A very exciting feature is a built in intervalometer for time lapse movies.  This is something my Canon 6D doesn’t even have.

The built in ND filter allows for 3 stops of aperture. No need to screw on an filter to get smooth waterfalls.


Bottomline is that Fujifilm took a look at where the market was going.  Low end point and shoot cameras are disappearing as consumers pick up cell phones and say “why do I need a camera?” and go snap happy with their cell phone and Facebook.  Meanwhile professionals are looking for quality and camera stripped down of all the silly stuff created to entice amateurs.  Sure the Fujifilm X100T still has some silly stuff like creative film modes like “sepia!” that any pro will never use when they can do it better in Photoshop but where it counts, quick to use dials, big sensors, great viewfinders and quality optics, the Fujifilm X100T beats out the competition and even rivals DSLRs.

Fujifilm X100T 16 MP Digital Camera (Silver)

New Watercolor Series!

Fine Art Photography

Just released – a new watercolor series from artist Edward M. Fielding ( available as art prints, framed wall art, canvas or even on the latest phone cases.

The series features scenes of New England, classic cars and Old Quebec City as well as beach themes for vacation homes, inns or hotels.

Old Quebec City Canada watercolor Photography Prints
Buy watercolor beach Art Online
Buy New England watercolor Art Online

The series of watercolor artwork from Edward M. Fielding also features beautiful barns and farms along the Connecticut River which cuts through Vermont and New Hampshire as well as scenes of the Upper Valley region which is home to Fielding’s Dogford Studios.

Watercolor (American English) or watercolour (Commonwealth and Ireland), also aquarelle from French, is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. Fielding starts the process with a photograph from his collection of images from the region.

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Classic, beautiful doorways and home from Old Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts as well as ornate scenic classical brick and slate roofed timber framed barns from Shelburne Farms outside of Burlington, Vermont feature in several of the pieces. And of course the beautiful Autumn fall season foliage makes for a fantastic watercolor subject.

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The above image is the the stucture known as the Old Red Mill in the small Vermont town of Jericho outside of Burlington, Vermont.  Chittenden Mills – the “Old Red Mill” – in Jericho, Vermont was declared a National Historic Site in 1972 and is one of two remaining mills out of eight that were once sited on the Brown’s River’s seven water privileges in Jericho. The Chittenden Mills at site number 2 now houses a small museum, gift shop and cafe.  There is a park along the river behind the mill.

Old caddy watercolor Art Online

This classic antique vintage blue Cadillac was spotted at the National Cadillac and LaSalle convention in Lake George, New York.

The sharp fins on this classic Caddy were also found at the 2014 Grand National, Lake George, New York.

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To view more of the watercolors in this series and to purchase cards, frame and matted artwork, canvas or metal prints or even a cool and unique cell phone case, visit and look for the discount code for savings at check out.

More info:

Fine art prints, matted and framed prints, canvas and metal prints as well as products such as throw pillows and tote bags featuring select artwork by Edward M. Fielding/Dogford Studios are now available.


North America & UK Sales – Framed and matted prints, canvases and more –

North America Product (pillows, tote bags, cases and more) –

Europe Sales – Posters, prints, canvases –

Licensing RM/RF:

About the artist:

Fine art photography and digital art by artist Edward M. Fielding. Fielding is an artist working in the photography and digital media. As a freelance artist my work is currently represented by several leading stock agencies.

My work has appeared in featured in numerous magazines, greeting cards, advertising, book covers and media companies as well as been widely shown and juries into fine art shows.

Recently I was one of the featured artists in the PhotoReel art show at Gallery W at the Whitney in the Berkshires.

Nature’s Red Carpet – fall foliage in Vermont

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Nature’s Red Carpet by Edward M. Fielding. More info:

New Phone Cases featuring artwork by Edward M. Fielding now available


Protective and custom phone cases featuring my artwork are available from my online store at –

Fun, protective and custom phone cases for your smart phone featuring the artwork of Edward M. Fielding.

Fun, protective and custom phone cases for your smart phone featuring the artwork of Edward M. Fielding.

case2 case1

These phone cases can be customized from any of the nearly 2,000 images in the Edward M. Fielding collection including my popular funny dog photographs.  Pugs seem especially popular.

Any image can be re-sized and cropped by the customer to fit phone cases for all popular makes and models including the new iPhone 6 cell phones.

Phone cases are found under the “products” tab which includes wall art, phone cases, greeting cards and more.!store/c2zv

What is the best lens for food photography?


I run into this question a lot.  People ask what is the best lens for food photography?  Is there a right answer?  Well, it all depends.

Like any photography situation or application there are a variety of ways to approach the subject.  No one lens is the right answer to any situation or subject.  Its up to the artist behind the lens to determine what they want the view to see in the final image.

For landscapes you can go with wide angles to show more of a vast landscape or move in close to a rock or log in the foreground to create an exaggerated sense of scale.  Or you can zoom in on distant mountain peak to isolate a single element of the scene.

Same with wildlife. You can zoom in with a big bazooka lens to document the subject up close or you can go wide and show the animal in its environment.

food Art Online

Food photography also has a range of applications.  You might show the chef at work in the kitchen, make the viewer’s mouth water with a plate shot or go in super close to show the texture of a strawberry.

A variety of lens can be used but if I were to choose one lens to get started in food photography, it would be the one recommended to me by Andrew Scrivani, the NY Times columnist, commercial photographer and stylist.  He does most of his work with the Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro.

food Art Prints

And I also shoot most of my food photography with this lens. Its not the newest, fastest or most exciting lens. It hunts for focus and has a plastic build quality but it is sharp, in a great focal range for food photography and is inexpensive. You can pick one up for about $300.

User feedback – “I use this mostly for food photography, and it’s a great lens. I originally used a 50mm f/1.8, but when it developed a defect in focusing, went for this macro lens version. Sometimes I miss the really low f-stops, but overall, I like it. It functions well as a non-macro lens as well. Somewhat slow to switch from close to far, and a little noisy, but nothing that’s really bothersome.”

The macro give you the ability to get really close to your food and can uncover detail that would otherwise be impossible to detect by the naked eye. Ideal for shooting extremely minute subjects such as insects or the petals of a small flower, the lens offers a nine-element design and a floating optical system that focuses down from infinity to one-half life size (0.5x). It also functions beautifully as a general-purpose normal lens.

food Photography Prints

And should you want to focus down to life size (1:1), you can add an optional Life Size Converter EF to increase the working distance–a valuable feature in close-up shooting.  The Canon Life Size Converter EF sells for around $280 street price and is made especially for the Canon 50mm macro.

User feedback – “This item was primarily designed for the Canon EOS 50mm f2.5 Macro 1:2 lens. This adapter allows you to amp your lens to a 1:1 or twice the image resolution. (Image resolution is the detail an image holds. The term applies to raster digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail.) Be sure to add it to your lens before than mounting it to the camera so that your electronics are properly compensated for during metering. You will loose a f-stop or or two using this adapter.”

Equipment mentioned in this article:

Free Photography Magazine to download and share


Free to read online or download!  The latest issue of Arcangel Magazine featuring the artwork of fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding.

All images the magazine are available for purchase as art prints from Fine Art America and can be licensed for use in publications, music CDs or book covers via Arcangel.

About Arcangel

Arcangel specializes in licensing highly creative rights-managed and royalty free images and video clips. The collection is highly respected and used by designers, art directors and picture researchers around the world with the international publishing industry being at the core of the Arcangel business.

The Arcangel collection currently stands at just over 250,000 carefully curated images, covering an extensive range of themes, subjects and styles.

Arcangel are full members of Bapla (British Association of Picture Libraries), PACA (Picture Archive Council of America) and the BVPA (German Association of Picture Agencies).

About Edward M. Fielding

Fine art photographer and digital artist, Edward M. Fielding has been working with Arcangel since 2012 and currently offers over 500 photographic works for image buyers.

sunflower Photography Prints

Fielding’s subjects range from still lives, dogs, people, food, objects, situations to composites and compelling landscapes.

Rights Managed, or RM, in photography and the stock photo industry, refers to a copyright license which, if purchased by a user, allows the one time use of the photo as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the photo for other uses an additional license needs to be purchased. RM licences can be given on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis. In stock photography RM is one of the four common licenses or business models together with royalty-free, subscription and micro.

Some of Fielding’s rights managed licensing work can be seen here.

Free Photography Magazine

The free photography magazine available to download or view online has been produced and offered by Arcangel as part of an ongoing series of free publications highlighting artists in who license artwork and photographs through the Arcangel agency to the publishing industry.  Designer and image buyers looking for high quality imagery with a unique perspective can browse through this carefully curated collection at the new Arcangel website or browse the free subject and artist publications offered on the “Inspire” site at
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Edward Fielding’s Arcangel collection can also be purchased for individual use as greeting cards, wall art, framed art and photographic canvas or metal prints from the Arcangel Collections on Fine Art America.

Arcangel Collection 1

Arcangel Collection 2

The free photography portfolio magazine featuring selections of work by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding, from his 500+ image portfolio with specialty stock agency Arcangel is available to professional image buyers as well as simply those who enjoy quality photography.

Feel free to download and share this free photography magazine with your friends and colleagues.