Reving up my Canon EOS 6D with SD Cards


Heading to Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the next few weeks. Still need too order a few items. One of them is another SD card. I plan to shoot some video on the trip and want to make sure I have enough storage. Plus be fast enough as not to slow me down.

The Canon 6D supports UHS-1 cards. The UHS-1 standard allows a theoretical bus speed of 312MB/sec. It is “theoretical” because buses have overhead (usually one “large” file will transfer faster than lots of “small” files) but more importantly, nobody actually makes SD card technology that can transfer data that fast. So really it’s the physical speed of the card that becomes the barrier and not the speed of the bus.

I’ve used Transcend SD cards in the past and they have been good performers at a good price. A Transcend 32 GB High Speed Class 10 UHS Flash Memory Card retails on Amazon for under $20 and provides a transfer rate of up to read 85 Mb/s ; Write 45 MB/s.


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