Cheap Tool Gets The Job Done – Lens Filter Wrench



Adorama Filter Wrench for 67-77mm Filters, Package of 2

Sometimes having the right tool for the job makes all the difference, especially when the tool costs less than $5. What’s the job? How about a stuck lens filter?

Happens all the time right? Tighten a UV lens filter or polarizing filter on too tight or cross thread it and when you go to take it off, its good and stuck.

Well, there are all kinds of ideas on how to get it off. Here are some of the experts on the FAA forum:

“I always keep a short length (about a foot) of nylon rope in my camera bags. If you loop it around a stuck filter, tightly twist the free ends, then use the twisted part as a handle and rotate, you can easily remove the filter. Never fails!”

..a wide pair of channel locks with a portion of a t-shirt wrapped around the filter with success. Wrap the filter, adjust the channel locks around and snug them closed, gently applying pressure as to not crack the filter. The leverage of the channel locks handle should assist it to unscrew, providing it is not cross threaded so bad.

But before these drastic measures are taken and you put your expensive lens at risk of being scratched or worse – broken, invest some pocket change in some plastic lens wrenches and keep them in your camera bag. They are cheap and do the job without any damage to your lens.

Adorama Filter Wrench for 67-77mm Filters, Package of 2

Hint: To avoid cross threading, always turn the filter counter-clockwise when attaching it until you hear or feel the threads engage, then tighten it.


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