Origin of the Baby Buggy


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Some of you might have noticed the new series of image featuring Tiki the Westie in my portfolio lately and the vintage baby buggy as in the image above.

Well, after a long slump for ideas for the series (see the book “the Quotable Westie “), inspiration found me by happenstance. I was lucky enough to grab some incredible freecycle finds that sparked a new mini series of photographs featuring my dog Tiki the Westie.

The historic church on the Hanover Center green has an auction each year as a fund raiser for its upkeep. Its part of Founders Day weekend on the Hanover Center green which features a few vendors, a book sale, a tagsale, kiddie games, a classic car show, an auction and a traditional oxen pull event.

We missed the cute little parade et al this year to go strawberry picking but on Sunday afternoon I drove by when they were cleaning up and this amazing (and huge) old Built-Rite Baby Buggy or pram was sitting in the “free” pile.  There was also an old (and probably recalled) dangerous looking vintage baby crib and some assorted other junk.  The “pram” was so giant and awkward my wife volunteered to walk it home since it wouldn’t fit in the car.  We live down the road a bit so it wasn’t too much of a walk except for dealing with the gawkers driving by and wondering who was pushing an antique baby buddy down the road.

The thing is a monster. And my wife said it was heavy, even without the baby, but the handle was at a nice height and it was comfortable to grip.  Cars of this era were called boats and this thing would qualify in that category. I wonder what it was going in the country since the only practical place I could see it being using is in a suburb somewhere.  Somewhere with flat, concrete sidewalks.

Straight out of Mad Men this thing is.  Doesn’t even collapse.  Made from wood and steel.  At first we thought the top might separate from the bottom to create a rocking bed you could carry inside but we couldn’t see how that would work.  No, I think this was made to take up one side of a two car garage.

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