5 Day Sale on Vintage Sunflowers – First 25 buyers only


5 Day Sale on Vintage Sunflowers – First 25 buyers only

One of my most popular images, Vintage Sunflowers is available to the first 25 buyers for the next five days via Fine Art America.  Specially priced 20.00″ x 24.00″ stretched canvas print of Edward Fielding’s Vintage Sunflower for the promotional price of $100.

Get them while they last!

The Secrets to Overnight Success – Selling your photographs


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I spend a lot of time on the Fine Art America forums.  It gets rather addictive bantering back and forth about art, photography, selling techniques, promotion, marketing and the state of fine art photography and the art market.  Typically the regular discussion is interrupted by a new member who, after posting two or three photographs or artwork, wants to know the secrets to successful selling their artwork on a print on demand website such as Fine Art America.  Basically they are impatient and want shortcuts to the top.  Problem is that there is no shortcuts to success.

I’ve offered my own “secret” tips for overnight success.  I started to sell consistently on Fine Art America after having over 1,000 pieces for sale and doing constant marketing over the past few years. Here is the secret to overnight success:

1. Have a large volume of top notch work.

The chances of someone liking a certain piece so much that they are willing to purchase it and hang it in there home are astronomical.  Only by having a wide range of work are you likely to find enough buyers.

2. Have a large volume of work that is different than others i.e. stands out.

So much of the offerings on Fine Art America are overdone and down right boring.  Who really needs another squirrel photograph or another vacation photograph taken at the same spot in the same National Park at the same time?

3. Time

It takes time to build a body of work, become known and for the search engines to find the piece.  Buyers also take time considering artwork.  It might take months for a buyer to actually commit to a purchase.

4. Good keywords and description

If people can’t find your work in the first place, how will it ever sell?

5. Off site marketing

Just uploading a piece and then sitting back and thinking it will sell is not a selling strategy.  Also promoting it only to fellow artists is not going to sell the piece.  Other artists have enough of their own stuff to sell.

6. Time

Yes, more time.  Things don’t happen overnight.  Think career not job.

7. Cross referencing of various social media all pointing to your work.

You need multiple links back to your work in order for it to rank higher in the search engines.  Blog, Facebook, Linkin, newspaper articles.  You need to get the word out, far and wide.

8. Time

More time building your skills, adding to your portfolio, and networking.

9. Offer what people want to purchase

Creating abstract complex artwork is all well and good but is it something the average person would want to hang in their home?  You don’t have to cater to the masses, but it would help if more than just you and your mother can appreciate the artwork.

10. Time

Even more time.  It has been said that it takes three years to build a business and most people quit before one year.  Create a marketing plan that goes out five years.  Don’t view your art career as a short term project.

What does it take to sell on a consistent basis?  Take this advice from Sharon Cummings a very successful online art seller:


“I used to spend a few minutes a day on marketing….I would sell a print here and there…not much….Now I spend about 4 hours a day on marketing and about 4 hours a day on creating…I sell 3 prints per day on average….it may be up to 4 per say this month…..that’s an 8 hour day….do I like to market that much? Heck no!!! But if I had any other job, I guarantee there would be at least 4 hours a day worth of stuff I didn’t want to do….and given the jobs I could get with my skills outside of art….it would be 8 hours a day doing something I didn’t like….so I am more than happy to work that hard to sell my art…its how I make sales, move up in search to be seen and hence make more sales. ” – Sharon Cummings


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Covered Bridges – Romantic or Haunting?


The darkness of covered bridges can shield all kinds of things from watchful eyes.  A stolen kiss or perhaps something more sinister.  How do you feel as you travel under one of New Hampshire or Vermont covered bridges?  As you enter into the dark shade do you feel the romance or is there something that sends the hairs on the back of your neck on edge?  Perhaps you are too fearful of the old wooden floor boards giving way under your feet or on the look out for a car coming around the bend.

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There are several documented haunted bridges in Vermont.

Emily’s Bridge Stowe Vermont

Located in Stowe Vermont, Gold Brook Bridge is not your ordinary covered bridge. This bridge is also known as “Emily’s Bridge,” due to the fact that it is haunted by a ghost named Emily. There are many stories of how Emily died on the bridge. One story is that she was supposed to elope with a lover who was meeting her at the bridge, and when he didn’t show, she hung herself from the rafters. Another version of this Vermont legend also starts as a love story. Emily met a man who stole her heart, and the couple made plans to marry. The fateful day arrived, and Emily went to the church in her beautiful red wedding dress ready to give herself to the gentleman in holy wedlock. The groom never arrived, and the jilted bride took the family wagon in a frenzy of anger and sorrow. She was merciless on the horses, and whipped them until they were traveling at an incredible pace, planning perhaps to confront the faithless groom. As she approached the bridge, she failed to negotiate the turn right before the bridge and drove the horses and carriage over the bank and onto the rocky brook below. Both the horses and Emily were killed in the accident. There is no written historical evidence that Emily ever existed, however. The first mention of the bridge being haunted by someone named “Emily” came after 1968 when a high school student wrote a paper on the subject claimingthat while he/she was using a Ouija board on the bridge, an entity presented itself named Emily. Other people using Ouija boards have reported that an entity has identified itself as Emily and said that she was killed on the bridge by her finance’s mother. http://www.emilysbridge.com/

One woman said she made up the story to keep her children from crossing the bridge.

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Why cover a bridge in the first place?

With a great abundance of timber, the earliest ones were constructed of wood and used trusses as their key structural design element. Many of the oldest bridges were built as post to pile construction, where columns called piles are used to support spans called posts. Wooden bridges lacking overhead enclosures deteriorate quickly with exposure to the elements, lasting a mere 10 to 15 years. By adding a roof to protect the structural underpinnings, builders realized bridges could stand for about 75 years. Despite having a roof serious threats including vandalism, insect damage, arson, flooding and neglect can lead to disrepair. In efforts to preserve them, bridges are renovated with steel trusses and concrete footings to increase support on the timbers.
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New Hampshire Has 54 Existing Covered Bridges

Among New Hampshire’s 54 covered bridges is the world’s longest two-span covered bridge. Shared with Vermont, the Cornish-Windsor Bridge stretches for 450 feet (137m) across the Connecticut River. You can drive through it on Route 12A, which links Cornish, N.H. and Windsor, Vt. The oldest covered bridge still in use in New Hampshire is photogenic Bath-Haverhill Bridge. Built in 1829, it crosses the Ammonoosuc River, off Route 302.

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Vermont’s 106 Covered Bridges

Not only does Vermont boast a whopping 106 covered bridges, the Vermont Covered Bridge Museum is the world’s first and only museum dedicated to this kind of structure. Find it at the Bennington Center for the Arts, near the town of Bennington. The museum features everything from bridge designers and build-your-own bridges to artwork and movies about covered bridges. And, Bennington County itself has five bridges that are still in use.

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The Marlborough Main Street Car Show


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Last year, a friend of mine showed me photos of a local car show in his hometown and I was blown away by the number of vintage cars attracted to main street Marlborough, MA. Located just inside the 495 belt around Boston, sleepy Marlborough isn’t known for much other than being a bedroom community for Boston and the technology companies that ring this major metropolitan area. But the annual spring car show on the historic main street puts Marlborough on the map among car fanatics.

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The United Brethren Masonic Lodge was chartered 1859 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. To celebrate their 150th Anniversary in 2009, the Lodge decided to host a car show and worked with the City of Marlboro as well as the Push Rods of Waltham. The event was so well received that it has since become an annual tradition and continues to grow in popularity. None of this would be possible without the support from the City of Marlborough and the business community that sponsors the event making it free to the general public. This is a non-profit event whereby each year all proceeds are donated to a chosen charity.

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And the show keeps growing every year. The recent show coincided with a gorgeous summer-like day with bright sun and a cloudless sky, which brought over 300 cars to the downtown. Starting at 9 am, they parked up and down the main street and even filled in side lots. And they kept coming through out the day. We started down one side of the street and had to keep stopping to take photos of the newly arrived cars. It must have taken two hours to see all the cars – heavy on the muscle cars and American makes – Mustangs, Roadrunners, GTOs, Cameros, Cobras but there were all sorts of cars from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s including a few Europeans like Porsche, VW, and even a 1930 Bugatti open cab race car. The Batmobile was there as well dune buggies (3!), VW Campers, drag racers and heavily modified hot rods as well as a few Factory Five AC Cobra kit cars.

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According to the press kit, this is one of the first car shows of the season so a lot of car owners who have garaged their car all winter, can’t wait to show them off at this annual event.

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