Brook Trout for all the beers


Photography Prints

My father-in-law is a fly fishing fanatic. He lives out west in Bozeman, Montana near Yellowstone National and fishes nearly every single day of the year. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer – he is out there casting his fly and pulling in beautiful rainbows, cutthroats and brookies. Sometime he takes a picture, sometimes he gives them a kiss, but he always carefully releases them back in the wild to be caught another day.

He recently showed be an extra special shot of beautiful brookie, lit up in the low, late day western sun. I asked him to send me a copy so I could tweak it a bit and the results can be seen above. I gave it a bit of dynamic contract, knocked out some noise and upped the vibrance a bit. We have a deal going, any proceeds from the sale of this image will be spent on local draft beer when we meet up in Banff this summer.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, go ahead and order a card, print or canvas of this beautiful fish. Bob and I will toast your generosity with a cold one!

Cards are $6.95 or get a box of 25 for only $1.50 per card. Prints start at $27.


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