“Daybreak” – copyright by Edward M. Fielding

This image of a rural farm and striking red barn with setting sun in the Fishtail, Montana area is a good example of unexpected gold when one is looking for subjects to shoot. We were staying in Red Lodge Montana after touring the Beartooth Highway region including Cooke City and Silver Gate on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. On a tip from the innkeeper we set out with some sketchy directions known only to our driver.

Unfortunately the simple directions didn’t seem to pan out and we never did find that “amazing canyon area”. But luckily I had the fortitude to risk ticking off the car load of family members with requests to pull over. I got a number of useable rural landscape shots, probably more than we would have gotten in the mysterious canyon.

It just goes to show you that life is a journey and one really doesn’t want to race to the finish line. The real living and photographing happens along the way.

“Daybreak” by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding is available as prints and framed art via Society6.

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