Life in a Hamster Wheel


Life can sometimes feel like one is inside a hamster wheel.  Always running furiously but getting nowhere.  This is especially true of artists who find themselves always trying to stay in the game.  Making a living selling ones artwork is a tough prospect and the aspects of trying to market ones work is daunting. There are constantly new social networking trends to keep up with, competition to get noticed and simply trying to find time to produce new work.  Two performance artists in New York, Ward Shelly and Alex Schweder know this feeling all too well and have produced a piece in which they are actually living in a giant “Hampster Wheel”.

The 25-foot wood and metal structure features narrow beds, desks, a fridge, basically a two bedroom apartment.  The two artists living in the wheel have to counter balance their movements.  The live performance “The Orbit” will last for 10 days at The Boiler, the Pierogi gallery’s performance space in Brooklyn, NY.

According to artist Shelly its like being told to stand in the corner when you are a kid.



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