New book released: The Last Resort


The Last Resort ipad ebook only $4.99

I just released my first book with Blurb as a printed volume and as a iPad ebook.  The Last Resort is a photo essay of the island of Maui Hawaii in black and white fine art photographs.  The name comes from the Eagle’s song from the classic rock album “Hotel California”.  In the song they talk about a certain neon sign that is on the island of Maui that says “Jesus Coming Soon”.  The sign has been there for 89 years so the term “coming soon” isn’t referring to human years.  Maybe 600+  year old Noah would consider that soon but I digress.

I was born in Hawaii, I was an army brat but I didn’t stay on the island for more then six months and hadn’t been back.  So this journey to Maui was about 45 years over due.  The only thing I knew about this tropical paradise was from images I’ve seen on Hawaii 5-0 and the episodes of the Brady Bunch where the family takes a three-episode vacation to the islands.  Would Maui live up to the hype of the word “Paradise” or as the Eagles say in there song, should we never call some place paradise because that leads to its ultimate destruction and we are running out of paradises?

I found Maui to be an incredible landscape of contrasts. You had desert dry areas, wet rainforests, 10,000 feet above sea level “moonscapes” and 0 feet above sea level beautiful beaches.  But there was also an undercurrent of Yankee go home.  A bit of native resentment and even a bit of resentment from the hippies and surfers who first flocked to the islands to live out their dreams of a perfect wave.  Everyone seems to have a claim to “the real” Hawaii.

I’ll leave the final conclusions up to the viewers of my book.   The Last Resort – photographs of Maui by Edward M. Fielding

iPad version $4.99

Printed $40

Images from the book are also available as fine art prints via Fine Art America


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